Torn by Divorce: What to Do When You Feel Pressured to Choose Between Family & Friends

Think you’re ready for your chemistry test?” my dad asked as he drove down the highway. I looked up from the backseat to see his eyes in the review mirror. I nodded.

“Call me Wednesday night after the test,” he continued. “I want to hear how it went.”

He flipped on the blinker, slowed down, and pulled onto the exit ramp for the small town where my sister, Kristina, and I lived with our mom. Dad pulled into Mom’s driveway, helped unload our suitcases, and gave us each a hug.

“I love you guys,” he said. “See you next Saturday.” Continue reading

Baptism Blahs: I Don’t Feel Any Different

Q. I got baptized a few days ago and I wasn’t that excited or emotional. I just didn’t feel different. What’s wrong with me?

A. There’s not anything wrong with you. Emotions are wonderful, but we can’t judge experiences based solely on how we feel. If something is good and right (and publicly declaring your commitment to Jesus certainly is!), then it’s good and right whether you feel a high or not. I’m guessing you’ll eventually have a real sense of gratitude and joy for what your baptism signifies. So just hang in there, trusting and serving God—in spite of your feelings.

Marshall, a former pastor, is editor of Leadership, a magazine for pastors.

SOURCE: Ignite Your Faith

When a Christian Teen Attends a Non-Christian College

Right now, hundreds of thousands of Christian young people are in the process of making one of the most important choices of their lives—where to attend college.

This is not the most important choice they will ever make. That distinction belongs to the choice of accepting Jesus Christ as personal savior. Other important choices include the choice of a spouse and the choice of a career.

While each of these choices is distinct, they are not unrelated. Most of us fail to appreciate the extent to which the choice of a college relates to these other important life choices. The literature and the research (as well as the experiences of many) suggest a strong link between a young person’s choice of a college and their short-term and long-term commitment to Christian faith. Continue reading